Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About DRUG REHAB

Do you lay awake at night worried over someone you love who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol and has lost control?

How would you like to be free of that worry and never have it come back because your loved one has become truly drug free and is now living a decent life just as you always hoped and dreamed about?

This is how it’s done->

Getting Off

While addiction is the problem they are stuck in today, it is not the cause of the trouble, it is the result of earlier problems, but I’ll come to that in a minute.

As mentioned by the therapists at Serene Retreat, A Drug Rehab in Malaysia,  to get a person off drugs is not all that difficult and can be done by just about any half decent rehab operation. A much bigger challenge is to get the person so rehabilitated that they never get the urge to ever take drugs again.

Staying Off

Now there is a reason for that which is why we are so successful. It is our key point of difference and what makes us far superior to all other programs, even those programs that do get a person off, sometimes for quite a while.

What is not generally appreciated is the fact that once having taken drugs they stay in a certain part of the body even after the person has done some sort of detox program. You see, unless the drugs are fully washed out of the body, which only occurs with our program, they will sit there dormant and ready to come back out and start the cravings all over again in the future when the person acts in a certain quite normal way. Because of this little understood fact, many times the person can be found to be using again, sometimes as soon as just a few weeks after.

As the therapists said, getting the person off the drug is one thing. Keeping them off is quite another. The only way that this can be properly achieved is by getting the person to come to grips with what got them into drugs in the first place. Now that’s fairly obvious isn’t it?

But what can be done to bring that about?

What Doesn’t Work

Well I can tell you what doesn’t work.

Berating them for taking drugs in the first place

Putting them in jail

Accusing them of betraying their friends and or family

Reminding them of how they have let those down who care about them

Telling them off for what they have done or pointing out their mistakes

A person on drugs has already lost all their self-respect. They lost it the moment they took their first dose. So pushing things like above in their face only makes matters worse because now they go on the defensive trying to prove themselves right. The intention to be right is the strongest intention in the universe. It is almost impossible to say “I was wrong” because at the exact moment the person makes a decision about something they see it as right at that moment.

Clear Body, Clear Mind

The first thing that we do is get the person completely clean of all drugs so they can think straight again. Yes, no matter what a drug taking person says they certainly cannot think straight. If they could they would never have started on drugs in the first place as drug taking is not a solution to the problems of life. It is a running away from living. It is certainly not a road to happiness.  Drugs only dull the real senses and for a while cover up the pain they are enduring so they don’t feel so bad.

Learning to Live Within The System

In our program, after helping the person get their body clean, and ridding it of all drug residues so they never get cravings again we take them through a program of life skills. This is rehabilitation in its fullest sense. This is where the person gets to find out and understand how they got trapped in the beginning and how they can move on into a new life of useful work, competence and success. In this part of the program the person becomes a student. A student learning about how the system we all have to work within in actually works and how to work within the system and succeed within the laws of the land and as a decent human being. This is where the individual regains his self-respect, regains the trust from those he left behind and gets his ideals and dreams rehabilitated. This is where he re-ignites the old enthusiasm for living that once he had.

What To Do

If you have a dear friend, partner or loved one who needs to be rescued from the pits of drug addiction then now is the time to make the call that could well save their life. The call that will get them started on the road to a drug free life. The road that will lead back to how you remember them when they were at their best.