New The Evil Within Famitsu Scans


True-Gaming uploaded some new The Evil Within scans from last week's Famitsu, there is one new screenshot as well as a comparison between the CG model and in-game model of Joseph Oda, you can check them out below:

Scans: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Source: True-Gaming | Tip: May-Be-Zig

Antonio Fucito answers your questions


Antonio Fucito, associate editor at, was one of the few lucky journalists who got to see The Evil Within in action at Tango Gameworks offices in Tokyo. Antonio will take from his valuable time to answer the fans questions about the 20 minutes Live Demo, here on the If you have any questions be sure to post them below.

Many thanks to Antonio (Username: Tanzen) for deciding to participate with the fans and answer their inquires.

Community Site Updates


I'm pleased to announce some new features to help strengthen the community aspect of!

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Lightbox Auto Resize: Images posted in the forum no longer need to be resized, it will be done automatically by the system. Better yet, the system will render a clickable thumbnail that leads to the full size image via a seamless transition using Lightbox technology.

Thanks System: See a grey heart on a forum post? In agreeance with the post or appreciate it's worth? Show some love, literally. Click and the heart will turn red, allowing visual confirmation that you've thanked a post. These points will be added to a users reputation for their hard effort and general participation. This system will later lead to site prizes and physical raffles, so do show some love. *Try it out on this post*

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General Fine Tuning: Elements such as the join date have been shortened for a more appealing look, as well as new profile features such as online ID's and gaming handles. Fill these in to display these fields to other users in order to socialize easily. Quick reply function has been fine tuned, allowing for easier and more fluid posting. Tapatalk has been updated and allows the forum to be viewable via your mobile phone across all platforms.

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Thanks for sticking with us, it's been a pleasure growing as both a resource and community. I'd also like to add that the official The Evil Within Facebook page linked to our community today thus serving as a wonderful closer to a productive and time consuming site update.

Meet Prologue, the studio behind the Debut Teaser


Polygon published an article that goes behind the scenes with Prologue, the company responsible for the Live Action teaser trailer, the article goes in-depth with director Kyle Cooper about the process of making the teaser, as well as the coordination between them and Bethesda, check out the article below.

Behind The Scenes With Prologue | Tip: skytrot

High-Res Version of Famitsu's 3 Pages Spread


We posted a photo of a 3-Pages Spread from Famitsu last week showing Sebastian hiding from Boxhead, now managed to provide a high-res version, we've joined the 3 pages together for your viewing pleasure, check it out below.

3-Pages Spread


4Gamer Interview with Shinji Mikami translated


Siliconera managed to translate parts of the Shinji Mikami interview conducted by Japanese gaming website, 4Gamer. Mikami talks about how he and his team started the project, as well as the game's development. You can check it out below.

Source: Siliconera Translation | Tip: kosmos within

Famitsu Scans Goes Online


Scans of last week's Famitsu have finally gone online, courtesy of The scans show never before seen concept art, and a close up look at Sebastian, Julie and Joseph. You can check the scans at the link below.


New Concept Arts Showcases New Characters and Enemies

Image posted a number of photos from Tango Gameworks' offices, one of them is a picture showcasing a number of character, monster, and environment concept arts, it appears the name of the "Safehead" is Boxman, and the "Reborn Girl" is called Re-Bone Laura. There is also a concept art for a little girl called Marta Diez as well. Check the photo in the link below.

Concept Art Photo


Two New Screenshots Plus interviews from Japanese Press


Three new lengthy interviews with Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks staff were posted by Famitsu, 4Gamer, and Dengeki while GAMEWatch and GameSpark posted a couple of extensive previews, as well as two new screenshots, one showing a group of mutilated enemies, and another showing Sebastian landing a headshot. You can check them out below while we wait for translations.

Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2
Sources: | 4Gamer | Dengeki | GAMEWatch | GameSpark

New The Evil Within Cover Story by OPM (Dutch Mag)


Officieel PlayStation Magazine (OPM), a dutch gaming magazine, will have an exclusive cover story on The Evil Within in its next issue. According to Bethesda, it should hit the stores in Holland and Belgium this week. Be on the look out for more information soon. In the meantime, you can check out the cover of the magazine below.

OPM Cover