How to choose the right electric motor?


When choosing a new electric motor, the price often decides. Nevertheless, it is far from the only important parameter. The vision of an extra low price for an electric motor may be tempting, but over the years of operation it can easily turn into concerns about disproportionately high service costs or the unavailability of spare parts. Find out why you shouldn’t “hunt” for the lowest price when choosing a new electric motor.

If you are choosing a new electric motor, whether for domestic or industrial use, the amount of data you need to consider can be quite confusing. To top it all off, it is often necessary to fit into a relatively tight budget and you will suddenly get stuck at the point where you will no longer be able to give advice. You may be surprised to learn that the lowest price should not come first when choosing an electric motor.

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The lowest price of an electric motor? Don’t be seduced

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing an electric motor is to choose the best one within your budget. It is therefore always better to focus more on the quality, service life and operating costs of a particular electric motor. For example, if you choose an electric motor with higher operating costs for a lower price, it will certainly not be the best investment in the long run. The price of an electric motor is important, but over-saving when buying does not have to pay off at all.

When choosing an electric motor, be interested in what maintenance and at what intervals will be waiting for you. Also find out if you will be able to perform this maintenance yourself or if the intervention of a professional service will be required. Be prepared for the fact that every electric motor requires minimal cleaning of the lubrication channels as well as cleaning of the cooling paths. Also, consider the intervals at which it is recommended to replace components that are subject to wear. The most common is, for example, the replacement of bearings, the estimated service life of which is stated in tens of thousands of hours of operation.

Finally, we have one more piece of advice for you. When choosing a new electric motor, choose a proven and experienced dealer. With proven suppliers, you can rely not only on adequate service support, but also on the quick availability of spare parts. It is nothing worse if a relatively new electric motor shuts down only the unavailability of a spare part. And even the lowest purchase price will not compensate you.

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